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Waiting for the smart medical industry to mature
Time: April 28,2021   Hits: 2824 
Among the many sub-fields in the pharmaceutical sector, digital healthcare is one of the hottest investment outlets at the moment. Among them, policy support is the bottom-level logic, and the general policy tone related to it can be simply summarized as almost comprehensive benefits.
With the sudden emergence of the new crown epidemic in 2020, with the support of anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention needs, the value of digital medical care has become prominent. Therefore, the policy's inclination to digital healthcare has further increased, catalysing the accelerated development of the industry.
The speed of development over the years can be said to be beyond imagination. According to Analysis data, in 2015, the scale of my country's digital medical market was only less than 50 billion yuan.
By the end of 2020, this number has soared to about 200 billion yuan, and the year-on-year growth rate has reached a record 46.7%, which is a full 10% higher than in 2019. The logic of the epidemic in accelerating the development of the digital medical industry has been confirmed.
In the high boom of the industry, Ping An Group, which has long focused on the two main lines of "big finance" and "big health", has achieved dazzling achievements in the field of digital healthcare by virtue of the synergy and complementarity of its related businesses.
Especially during the anti-epidemic period, one of the digital medical assets of Ping An Group: Ping An Smart Medical, which provided effective services to the government and the public in terms of epidemic monitoring, medical knowledge push, online consultation, etc., and was widely praised by all walks of life .
Moreover, most of the above-mentioned services are of a public welfare nature. In the author's opinion, this is the best demonstration of Ping An Group's social responsibility in a special historical period, and it is also an excellent technology demonstration.
Ping An Smart Healthcare, which provides the above-mentioned services, has entered the eyes of investors due to its excellent performance during the epidemic.
With deep participation in the fight against the epidemic, where does Ping An’s smart medical care come from?
Before talking about the specific business of Ping An Smart Healthcare, we must first understand the industry landscape of digital healthcare, which helps to understand the difference between Ping An Smart Healthcare and other medical assets of Ping An.
Driven by policy aspects, with the release of key policies such as electronic prescriptions and electronic medical insurance certificates, key links such as online channels for prescription outflows and online medical insurance payments have been opened up, thus establishing that the current digital medical care is mainly drug sales Pattern.
However, the scope of digital medical care is extremely wide. Online drug sales are only one of the core themes. Medical informatization and intelligence are another core theme. Payment-related medical insurance technology is also a core theme.
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