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"Smart Medical" allows villagers to see a doctor at home
Time: April 28,2021   Hits: 6499 
"The summer is hot, blood vessels dilate, and blood pressure seems to be normal. You can reduce the dose, but don't stop the medication." On June 21, family doctor Li Qiufeng came back to visit and told He Caifang to measure her blood pressure.
He Caifang, 54 years old, lives in Sancha Village, Panhe Township, Lushi County, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. Due to high blood pressure, the village clinic doctor sent her a blood pressure monitor six months ago and taught her how to use it. After she measures her blood pressure, the data will be synchronized to the county's "Huaque Health Cloud Platform", and the contracted family doctor will receive the information as soon as possible. Ten days ago, He Caifang felt unwell at home and took a high blood pressure. She was wondering whether to go to the hospital or not. Who knew the family doctor Li Qiufeng already knew the situation and came to the house to resolve the risk of heart failure caused by the elevated blood pressure in time.
The total population of Lushi County is 382,000, and 99.32% of residents have established electronic health records and incorporated them into the "Huaque Health Cloud Platform" for management. They enjoy precise, optimized, and instant intelligent services like He Caifang. All this is due to the local "smart medical" project implemented in April 2019.
"'Smart medical' is not the same as ordinary'medical (institution) Internet'." Fu Honglin, director of the county's health and health commission, introduced, "The implementation of'smart medical' in Lushi County is to combine the health management of residents in the county with medical treatment. Get up, let residents connect with medical units and family doctors to achieve accurate, optimized, and instant intelligent services, so as to solve the problem of difficult and expensive medical treatment to the greatest extent. It can at least be said to be at the forefront of the province."
“It’s great that you can enjoy the free services of county-level hospitals without leaving the village,” said Yuan Pingfang, the party branch secretary of Cheling Village, Guandaokou Town. On June 11, the County Health Commission organized more than 20 medical staff from several medical units including the County Second People’s Hospital to go to the village to carry out physical examinations and diagnosis and treatment activities. More than 160 people had an orderly physical examination, and more than 20 people also carried out physical examinations. During the remote consultation, the three people also made an appointment for registration, preparing to go to hospital for treatment.
Combining health management with medical treatment, service dividends are spreading among the mountains and mountains of 4004 square kilometers in Lushi County. Since last year, Lushi County has insisted on carrying out physical examinations for the masses from village to village for people over the age of 40, people over 65, model households, and civilized household heads. The number of physical examination items has reached 18.
On June 11, at the "Smart Medical" management center in Lushi County, I saw the staff click the mouse, and on the 8-square-meter electronic screen, the health and medical conditions of the county's urban and rural residents, as well as the instant diagnosis and treatment of various hospitals and health centers The information is presented one by one and is clear at a glance. "Yang Chunli, 80 years old, went to the Hengjian Township Health Center. The ECG uploaded by the township health center was displayed on the big screen at 10:04:05. The diagnosis at the County People's Hospital at 10:06:37 showed the conclusion: sinus bradycardia." Pan Zhiwei, head of the primary health unit of the Lu's County Health Commission, said that the "smart medical" physical examination and diagnosis and treatment data are shared throughout the county, and the health status and medical trajectory are accurately recorded. Prescriptions and unnecessary inspections appear.
Sanmenxia City vigorously promotes the construction of smart cities, and Lushi County is a pilot city for "smart medical care". The county’s goal is to use the Internet of Things technology, big data, and artificial intelligence technology of the "Huaque Cloud Health Data Platform" to realize the informatization interaction between regional households and medical staff, medical units, and monitoring equipment by the end of this year; All urban and rural residents provide comprehensive health management and services such as remote chronic disease management, health file management, real-time medical monitoring, online consultation, appointment pre-diagnosis, real-time medical treatment, information push, and health TV.
Recently, Lushi County has distributed 2,700 sets of medical testing terminals free of charge to 19 towns and Xingxianli communities in the county. Up to now, 6,500 sets of medical testing terminals have been distributed free of charge, and 360 sets of health monitoring terminals have been provided to village doctors. By the end of the year, Lushi County will provide free monitoring terminals for all poor households and free monitoring terminals for all resident groups. Up to now, the "smart medical" system in Lushi County has now achieved full coverage of 323 village health centers, 20 township health centers, and 4 county-level public hospitals in the county, with more than 500 doctors stationed on the platform. A four-level network service platform for village clinics, township health centers, county hospitals, and health and health committee management centers has been initially formed, realizing the interconnection of information between residents, family doctors, and family doctor teams of township health centers, and realizing remote online counties Services such as diagnosis and treatment, graded diagnosis and treatment, and online appointment have realized online monitoring, statistics and management of the work development of medical institutions at all levels in counties, townships, and villages.
In the specific application of “Smart Medical” in Lushi County, children from 0 to 6 years old, pregnant women, and the elderly over 65 are the key management objects, and chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, and severe mental disorders are the key management diseases. Realize one-on-one online information management, follow-up evaluation, and classified intervention between family doctors and patients, so as to facilitate timely medical treatment and timely treatment.
In the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, the "Huaque Health Cloud Platform" in Lushi County urgently launched an epidemic monitoring system and established a remote prevention and control platform. 4 county-level public hospitals organized 70 expert doctors to provide free online consultations 24 hours a day The service and the development of epidemic prevention and control publicity and education have effectively alleviated the pressure of hospital diagnosis and treatment and reduced the risk of cross-infection, benefiting 108,000 residents. So far, there has been no confirmed or suspected case of new coronary pneumonia in the county.
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