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Grasp the five major trends in the development of rehabilitation medicine
Time: April 28,2021   Hits: 4090 
On May 21, the 2020 National Two Sessions officially kicked off. In the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which is a major public health emergency, public health topics have become the focus of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress. Rehabilitation, which is a hot spot in the epidemic, is no exception.
KPMG, which has long been concerned about the development of the medical industry, and the China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions jointly released the "Rehabilitation Medicine Trends Leading the New Blue Ocean" report, which explains in detail the development status and future development trends of rehabilitation medicine. Both parties hope to play an active role in the reform, development and construction of social rehabilitation specialist medical institutions, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of rehabilitation medical services and the development of rehabilitation medical services.
It mentions many key and direction of rehabilitation development:
In the future, the rehabilitation medical industry will usher in important development opportunities, and China's rehabilitation medical industry is expected to enter the 100 billion-scale market sooner.
Finally, five sub-sectors with great potential for future market development were clarified, namely: neurological rehabilitation, bone and joint rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation and children’s rehabilitation.
China's rehabilitation medicine will usher in five major development trends, namely, the urgent need for development of community rehabilitation, the general trend of remote rehabilitation, the promise of high-end rehabilitation, the advantages of intelligent rehabilitation, and the development of rehabilitation driven by clinical medicine.
In addition to increasing school-running efforts and accelerating the training of rehabilitation professionals, medical institutions may also consider appropriately increasing the benefits of rehabilitation practitioners, maximizing incentives and retaining talents, and ensuring the stability of the rehabilitation medical talent team. "
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