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"Cloud Medical" helps build a healthy China
Time: April 28,2021   Hits: 3442 
Compared with traditional medical care, "Cloud Medical" can provide convenient services such as online consultation and express delivery of medicines, reducing patient transportation costs, saving time in queuing, and helping to create a new ecology of doctor-patient relationship. It is today's medical health. Frontier of service development.
Internet hospitals, "cloud management" of residents' health information, and Internet medical e-commerce are the main application forms of "cloud medical" at present
In recent years, the Internet has continuously accelerated the transformation of traditional industries such as medical care, and has given birth to a variety of business models. The emergence of "cloud medical" relies on technical support such as the Internet and artificial intelligence. At present, the widely used forms of "cloud medical" mainly include Internet hospitals, residents' health information management based on "data cloud" computing, and Internet medical e-commerce Wait.
Internet Hospital: Open up online and offline diagnosis and treatment services. Patients can log in to the hospital's webpage or APP through mobile phones, computers, etc., and choose services such as online registration and online consultation. In addition, Internet hospitals can provide patients with some common diseases, chronic disease follow-up visits, and family doctor contract services. It clearly divides the online business and offline business, simplifies the medical treatment process, enables mild patients to receive effective diagnosis and treatment advice at home, meets the diagnosis and treatment needs of some patients, and further improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. With the currently booming remote diagnosis and treatment services, through the data management of smart devices and artificial intelligence assistance, experts and patients can communicate remotely with real-time video, and can also realize the remote comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of patients by experts and doctors in many places. For some patients with incurable diseases, as well as people in rural areas and remote mountainous areas, they can enjoy remote outpatient services, expert appointments, electronic prescriptions, online payment and other fast services through the Internet without leaving their homes, which can truly reduce the burden of poor patients in seeking medical treatment.
Resident health information "cloud management": Promote the construction of a healthy China with dynamic information management. Currently, community hospitals, as the first line of obtaining residents' health information, are implementing dynamic management of health information through cloud computing. One of the application scenarios of resident health information cloud management is dynamic data monitoring and abnormal information warning services for patients with chronic diseases, which promptly remind patients to go to the nearest hospital for examination, diagnosis and treatment, and reduce health risks through scientific prevention; the second application is for individuals In the cloud management of health files, after logging in with personal ID cards, data on physical examination, treatment, and medical use are effectively integrated by the system. Not only can individuals monitor their own health data changes in real time, and achieve early disease prevention and early disease prevention. For discovery and early treatment, doctors can also conduct targeted treatment by checking patients’ personal health files. Patients can also make appointments through the mobile service platform, see a doctor within the agreed time, pay related fees online with mobile phones, and can clearly view medical expenses Details; the third application is that the national health management department can timely grasp the health status of the people, grasp the information of regional disease epidemics and realize effective supervision of medical institutions in various regions, clarify the focus of their own medical and health work, and improve the service and effectiveness of health work .
Internet medical e-commerce: Realize door-to-door delivery of medical products and services by placing orders online. At present, large e-commerce platforms such as JD.com and Alibaba have extended their business scope to the medical field. Consumers can make real-time medical consumption through mobile terminals, enabling consumers to meet their medical service needs anytime, anywhere. In addition, the major e-commerce platforms have greatly reduced the cost of medicine through the integration of offline medical channels, so that consumers can enjoy the same medical services at a lower price. Because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness, Internet pharmaceutical e-commerce has already won the favor of consumers. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Internet medical platforms ushered in rapid development. Many consumers purchased disinfectants, masks, alcohol and commonly used drugs through Internet medical e-commerce. On the one hand, they reduced the risk of infection when purchasing out of home, and on the other hand, consumers When consuming on the e-commerce platform, personal information and delivery address are required, which plays an important role in understanding the sales destination of cold medicines and other medicines and quickly and accurately conducting risk investigations.
Significant advantages of "cloud medical" compared with traditional medical
Convenient and efficient: reduce the cost of medical services for patients. The existence of "cloud medical" enables patients to make appointments for registration anytime and anywhere, reducing the time cost of running around on the road and waiting in line. Especially for problems such as follow-up visits and medication renewal, patients can directly contact their attending physician online, which greatly saves the cost of medical treatment. Taking the appointment and triage system as an example, patients can make an online appointment with their mobile phones to choose the doctor and the time of arrival, which helps to improve the efficiency of patient consultation. In addition, many Internet hospitals have opened online payment and medical insurance services, enabling patients to directly pay for self-service through medical insurance cards, simplifying the service process and improving the service experience.
Average level: to achieve equal access to high-quality medical resources. With the emergence of "Cloud Medical", medical institutions at the city, county, township, and village levels implement hierarchical diagnosis and treatment or network consultation through network hospitals, forming a smart medical ecosystem, so that people in remote areas can also enjoy large hospitals through online consultations Quality medical services. Especially for village and town residents, the development of remote diagnosis and treatment can realize the combination of online consultation and offline examination and testing, and improve their health through the convenience of Internet medical services. With the help of smart technology, top doctors and experts in big cities can carry out remote guidance and case teaching to primary medical workers, improve their medical skills and diagnosis and treatment effectiveness, so that ordinary people in towns and villages can also enjoy relatively high-quality and efficient diagnosis and treatment services, and promote medical treatment. The development of equalization of health services.
Large scale: Effectively expand the hospital's reception space. Traditional hospitals are limited in the number of patients they can serve due to their geographical location and working hours, which has affected their development process to a certain extent. The emergence of "cloud medical" can extend the time and space scope of the hospital, expand the scale of consultations, and meet the health and medical needs of patients to a certain extent. In particular, the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system that is currently being vigorously promoted enables hospitals at all levels and types to clarify their scope of business undertakings and increase their degree of specialization, which has a positive effect on the treatment of related diseases and the improvement of the efficiency of medical treatment.
How to promote the orderly development of "cloud medical"
Formulate online diagnosis and treatment standards to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients. The specific steps for doctors' online consultations and the protection of patients' personal identity information should be clearly regulated, so as to achieve benign incentives and effective constraints for doctors' online consultations. Specifically, in the process of online consultations between doctors and patients, they should carry out a civilized, scientific, and humanized treatment process under the protection of corresponding normative mechanisms, so that both parties can fully enjoy the convenience of "cloud medical treatment". Efficient, strengthen mutual understanding and trust, and promote the benign development of the doctor-patient relationship. In addition, a clear online and offline division of labor and communication and coordination should also be carried out for all links such as appointment and triage, inspection and laboratory tests, surgical treatment, payment of expenses, prescriptions, and drug delivery, so as to establish and improve its normative standards.
Promote the transparency of online medical service information and strengthen medical supervision. Internet hospitals should clearly explain the service content, procedures, and prices of online consultations, improve the standardized use of electronic prescriptions, and reduce the service costs of online consultations for patients. Especially for those middle-aged and elderly people who are not good at using electronic products, the transparency of online medical service information and the simplification of the medical treatment process can not only save time and money, but also comprehensively consider the surrounding area of activity. When his body has an emergency, he can also contact the doctor with a one-key dial to further improve the treatment rate of middle-aged and elderly people. In addition, the dynamic monitoring of medical and health institutions and both doctors and patients can be realized through information transparency, so that every prescription is issued, every medicine is obtained, and the process steps of every inspection can be traced. This plays an important role in avoiding violations, promoting service quality improvement, and purifying the order of the medical and health environment.
Do a good job in the security maintenance of online information to prevent the risk of information leakage. As an extension of Internet technology in the field of medical and health services, "Cloud Medical" inevitably faces the problem of information security maintenance. For the patient's medical information, examination and laboratory results, electronic files and other information content, we must strictly keep confidential, do a good job in data maintenance, and defend the patient's personal privacy. Especially for personal health files, the storage and printing of file information should be standardized to prevent the leakage and improper use of personal information, and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of patients.
Promote the interconnection of online medical resources, and build an Internet hospital health consortium. As the forefront of medical and health services in the Internet era, "Cloud Medical" has been deployed by many public hospitals. For major hospitals in the same region or similar hospitals in different regions, as well as digital hospitals across the country, interconnection should be strengthened and the overall resource synergy should be exerted. At the same time, it should rely on digital hospitals to implement a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, so that hospitals at different levels can provide targeted medical treatment according to the severity of the disease and the difficulty of treatment, promote the professional and refined management of medical services, and improve the health of the people. . In addition, while realizing interconnection and interoperability, major digital hospitals should gradually open up the interface of disease control institutions, realize the effective combination of disease diagnosis and treatment and vertical reporting systems, and build a flexible and comprehensive public medical and health system.
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