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  Why GUL
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  Why GUL

1. Complete network in China:
set up the import operation center in Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other main cities , delivery service and network coverage throughout China
2. Flexible & prompt Foreign exchange service:
help you receiving,  pay foreign exchange, from China to the around world , it can be effected in the same day.
3. Professionnal Operation :
With years experience, familiar with each link operations, can guarantee your cargo safe, smooth and fast export to China.
4. The import customs clearance promptly:
part of the medical equipments, just takes three days for completing import customs clearance.
5. Door to door service:
All you exports to China about foreign exchange, logistics, customs clearance can be consigned to us, you can make energy into your company main biz.
6. To help you understand Chinese:
with our many years of international trade and logistics experience, which can help you to know more about China market and customer characteristics, so as to facilitate you to analyse, and development customers,. Which help you solve trade barriers, and expand the export business.

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