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Successful cases
Cooperate With Australian Suppliers To Develop Chinese Customers
In 2008, We got known the EverX Pty Ltd (Australia), and found their good quality in medical products. At the end of 2008, we were invited to Australia to visit EverX, and got known that it had set up for more than 10 years and had a certain reputation in the industry of professional medical company. After returning home, we increasely recommended their products, and the sales volume of EverX products in China increased rapidly within one year.
In April 2010, both sides took part in the ICR2010 (Shanghai, China) meeting, and make a joint promotion to the Chinese customers. We also made an appointment with potential buyers to the meeting one month before the meeting. During the meeting, EverX companies (suppliers), forty Chinese buyers and our company(the import trade service company), held face-to-face separate talks., which brought remarkable effect. After the meeting, they signed several contracts, and make EverX well-known in China, which lay a good foundation for future sales.
During cooperation, EverX was so pleased with our efficient integrated service that they recommended their chinese customers to us, which let we obtain more international logistics, customs clearance business. 
Bring respective advantages into play, well cooperation conducives to supplier, Chinese buyers , and GUL.

Efficient services to ensure the smoothness of international trade
A Chinese buyers intendes to buy the two pieces of valuable CT circuit boards from a Germany company, and they wantes got the goods in nine days dating from foreign exchange payment day. As the pressing time limit, they were very indecisive for this purchase. After we proposed a feasible import scheme, they got this business quickyly and smoothly.
We used the express foreign exchange services, with which foreign exchange can be recieved intraday. Then we arranged sending the goods to China airport customs by DHL with three working day, and completed the clearance with other three days and then distributed the gooods to the buyer. All these import work is well done within seven limited working days.
High efficient service guarantees smooth international trade, and aslo indirectly wins contracts for global supplier

Formulating the optimal import plan for Bosch appliances
The bosch in Germany, rugularly exported air condition compressor(accessories of air condition) to bosch company in Dalian China. Beforing knowing GUI, they always dealed with the import customs clearance by themselves. As it involved in China Compulsory Certification(3C). It always taken 10-15 working days for the clearance, which resulted in high cost and poor efficiency in productivity. In 2008, we developed a set of optimal import programme for them: firstly, transport to Hong Kong by sea, then make shenzhen port as the clearance port (for its short time in 3C authentication). With this programme, import customs clearance can be done within 3-5 working days, which helps saving time and cuts down the cost( saving 3000 USD each time). Finally we  successfully won the contract.
It is not necessary to do the clearance in the nearest port. An optimal programme can save time and money, and enhance competitiveness.
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